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    Hotel reservation

    Booking a hotel is a process of preliminary reservation of rooms for subsequent check-in. With this procedure, it is ensured that the required number will be available at a predetermined and necessary point in time. Most often, for booking people use special services on the Internet, in many cases the hotel offers an official website with the appropriate function. Sites of St. Petersburg hotels can be found on the corresponding search queries, for example, in Yandex. The whole process consists of several steps: 1. Application. It contains personal data, day of arrival and arrival, information on the choice of the number. 2. Identify suitable rooms. This task is for the staff. 3. Registration of the application and confirmation of the booking by the customer. After the form of confirmation, you can safely assemble on a trip. In the "Grand Hotel" network registration, registration and confirmation process are carried out at an accelerated pace - after the request is prepared you receive and assure the necessary form in a convenient way and in a short time. What gives you the opportunity to quickly reset these worries and better concentrate on the goals of the upcoming trip.
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    Budget hotels

    The choice of cheap hotels is primarily relevant for young people, students, transit passengers and people on business trips. These categories of citizens, as a rule, often travel - the number of marks on crossing the border, tourist visas in their passports can be envied by most people. But moving requires increased spending, and if you travel a lot and often - even more so. Economy issues come to the fore with the desire to rent a hotel room for the smallest possible amount, albeit with a minimum of amenities. To meet, most hotels for tourists offer budget accommodation options, suitable for both one person and groups. Popular ways used by most to reduce costs, look like this: 1. Selection of the hotel on specialized services. Fast and convenient. It is enough to enter the required data, sort by results and conduct an online booking. 2. Booking in advance usually goes cheaper than at the last minute. 3. Tracking information about promotions, discounts, bonuses. 4. Use of promotional codes. A wide range of accommodation possibilities are offered by the Grand Hotel chain. For today, the "Grand Hotel" is a few modern hotels in St. Petersburg, including both large complexes and cozy small hotels.
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    Hotels in St. Petersburg

    Hotels in St. Petersburg - a combination of exquisite architecture, style and mass of pre-designed options for accommodating guests. Which is not surprising - after all, the city occupies the first line in Russia in terms of the number of hotels. The flow of guests does not run out either in winter or in summer. If in summer they go with tourist purposes, then in winter - more with business. Hotels in St. Petersburg offer reasonable prices, high level of organization and service. Here you can easily find a simple number that is suitable for transit and business trips. The tourists are popular housing in the city center - and yes, in the center you can also choose economical options. Do you prefer to live in the center or rent a room on the outskirts? It does not matter - in both cases there will be plenty to choose from. All nuances and features of stay are taken into account, in particular: 1. Goals of the trip. 2. Terms of placement. 3. Individual requests. For negotiations and business meetings, forums and conferences, there are many opportunities for VIP accommodation in full compliance with standards and service levels for such cases. The hotel chain grand24hotel has all of the listed qualities. Harmoniously combining the level and cost along with the constant growth and development, the organization has all the facilities for receiving guests and for solving the most difficult tasks.
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    Hotels in Saint-Petersburg

    The northern capital is not a world-class resort, but every year millions of tourists visit this city. Museums, fountains, ancient architecture, historical monuments and places of many famous events attract a constant stream of guests from all over the world. In addition, the city lives an active business life - here come to forums, conferences, negotiations. Guests are accommodated in numerous hotels: hotels in St. Petersburg fit into the city, they offer a service of European level and a variety of options. Hotels in St. Petersburg are: 1. Full-functional complexes with developed infrastructure, designed for the number of guests, measured in hundreds and thousands. 2. Hotels for business, with conference rooms, meeting rooms. 3. Small boutiques, consisting of 10-15 rooms, providing comfort and personal attention to each visitor. 4. Hotels for the middle class. 5. Hostels. This leads to the timely achievement of the purposes of stay while maintaining comfort. The grand24hotel network offers accommodation options that harmoniously combine convenience and wealth of choice with balanced prices and a full, efficiently used set of services. What makes it possible to feel at home in a new and not enough familiar atmosphere.
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    We will be happy to invite you to fascinating excursions around the city and its brilliant suburbs accompanied by a professional guide who will reveal to you all the secrets of the history, grandeur and beauty of St. Petersburg:
    • City tour
    • Mystical Petersburg
    • Peterhof
    • Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo and Lyceum)
    • Pushkin and Pavlovsk
    • Pavlovsk
    • Tsarskoye Selo + Pavlovsk
    • Oranienbaum
    • Kronstadt
    • Gatchina
    • Vyborg
    • Velikiy Novgorod
    • Strelnya
    We can arrange for you any other excursion on your request or develop an exclusive / themed program of stay with a visit to sports, cultural and cognitive events. Also, you can join group tours organized on a scheduled basis.