Hotels in Saint-Petersburg


The northern capital is not a world-class resort, but every year millions of tourists visit this city. Museums, fountains, ancient architecture, historical monuments and places of many famous events attract a constant stream of guests from all over the world.
In addition, the city lives an active business life – here come to forums, conferences, negotiations. Guests are accommodated in numerous hotels: hotels in St. Petersburg fit into the city, they offer a service of European level and a variety of options.
Hotels in St. Petersburg are:
1. Full-functional complexes with developed infrastructure, designed for the number of guests, measured in hundreds and thousands.
2. Hotels for business, with conference rooms, meeting rooms.
3. Small boutiques, consisting of 10-15 rooms, providing comfort and personal attention to each visitor.
4. Hotels for the middle class.
5. Hostels.
This leads to the timely achievement of the purposes of stay while maintaining comfort.
The grand24hotel network offers accommodation options that harmoniously combine convenience and wealth of choice with balanced prices and a full, efficiently used set of services. What makes it possible to feel at home in a new and not enough familiar atmosphere.