Budget hotels


The choice of cheap hotels is primarily relevant for young people, students, transit passengers and people on business trips. These categories of citizens, as a rule, often travel – the number of marks on crossing the border, tourist visas in their passports can be envied by most people.
But moving requires increased spending, and if you travel a lot and often – even more so. Economy issues come to the fore with the desire to rent a hotel room for the smallest possible amount, albeit with a minimum of amenities.
To meet, most hotels for tourists offer budget accommodation options, suitable for both one person and groups.
Popular ways used by most to reduce costs, look like this:
1. Selection of the hotel on specialized services. Fast and convenient. It is enough to enter the required data, sort by results and conduct an online booking.
2. Booking in advance usually goes cheaper than at the last minute.
3. Tracking information about promotions, discounts, bonuses.
4. Use of promotional codes.
A wide range of accommodation possibilities are offered by the Grand Hotel chain. For today, the “Grand Hotel” is a few modern hotels in St. Petersburg, including both large complexes and cozy small hotels.